About us


Pastor Chris Lake has been at Tree of Life Lutheran Church in Conroe, Texas since September 1, 2008. He and his family moved here from Geneva, Nebraska where he served for 5 years. Pastor Lake is a native of Lubbock, Texas. He attended Texas Lutheran College where he received his bachelors degree and Trinity Lutheran Seminary where he earned his Masters. His background includes serving at numerous churches with a heavy emphasis in youth ministry and chaplaincy over the past 16 years.  His background as a Lutheran Geek began when his parents purshased a Timex Sinclair 1000 in 1983 and then Macintosh 128 in 1984.  He worked professionally in tech support after college before answering the call to be a pastor and going to seminary.   He is certified as an EMT-Basic and once a month can be found on a truck volunteering with Angleton EMS. He also enjoy’s reading, photography, small electronics, shooting trap,  playing his guitar and mandolin.
Chris and his wife Katherine  have three children: Madeline, Benjamin, and Ainsley.

E-mail: Chris@lutherangeek.com

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. is van or RV by lake or river, what or you fishing for catfish or bass? me and peggy praying for you your dog and your family to make it thur trying times!

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